You wish time could just stop.


Photography for families who embrace life as it is.

I’m a documentary family photographer based in Gloucestershire, working all over the UK and beyond.
Families are photographed in their natural everyday environments with no posing or directing.

I aspire to take stunningly beautiful and utterly honest photographs of the everyday, helping families to remember life exactly as it is today.
It’s my hope that the resulting images become heirlooms, treasured as much by this generation as by those that follow.


It’s not what you see,
it’s what you want to remember.


“ The images are beautifully framed and really focus on the tiny details that make family moments special. “

- Carne Griffiths -


I believe…

Every moment can be beautiful if we look at it in the right light. Suddenly the bedtime routine - brushing teeth, splashing water around in the bath, getting into pyjamas - is reflected back through photographs which are as emotive as they are artful and arresting.


I embrace…

Mess and chaos as well as the quieter moments, because these are all part of life. I never ask more of my clients than to just be themselves. It’s not the glossy, filtered version of family living, but the exceptionally honest version - and it’s all the more beautiful for it.


From the blog


Together, let’s create a beautiful collection of genuine memories
of your life today.



I’m Jen, family photographer and mum to a strong-willed toddler girl. Following 4 years photographing weddings I’m adept at catching fleeting moments and working with whatever light and space I’m presented with. If you’re anything like me, you love your children fiercely but see that they are changing before your eyes. My hope is that more and more families discover documentary family photography as a way of making sure they can remember life as it is now, in all it’s glory.